This is a list of upcoming books by Ian Schrauth.

Please note that most of the descriptions are not complete. If it’s short, it’s NOT an official description

Titles with Book Covers

The Opportunity, Part II

When Ali left itWorks!, she thought she was a free woman. She had a new job lined up for her, she prevented herself from getting into an abusive relationship, and she saved a LOT of money.

When one of her co-workers at her new job tells her about this “Non-Toxic, cruelty and GMO-free” hair and skincare line that is replacing her income, Ali is intrigued by not only the claims they make but by Gideon, the top leader’s son.

Will she finally have the relationship she wanted with Hayden?

Will she be tricked into another Multi-Level Marketing scheme?

270: Part II

The Sequel to 270. Gary runs for congress after he helped elect the first Libertarian president.

A Vacillating Funeral

As Tammy Louis starts a new job, she is not only nervous for her first day but nervous about the recent news of a loved one.

From Bestselling Author Ian Schrauth comes, A Vacillating Funeral, a short story based on the author’s real-life experience with the loss of a loved one.

Release date: July 29, 2022

Books without a cover, yet

Thank you for calling

A romance between an Arise Call Center Owner (IBO) and a CSP.

The Shadow Kingdoms

A fantasy-dystopian book where someone tries to end a century-long feud between two nations

Over the bridge

An Erotic, LGBT romance book between a foreign exchange student and an insecure, lonely gay, High School senior.

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