Beyond The Veil

Publication History

Published by Starboat, LLC: Aug. 2020

Self-published: Jan. 2022

Working a 9-5 job can sometimes be daunting, but it gets the bills paid. You don’t have to worry about living out on the street with all the shampoo, protein shakes, or Keto Coffee you would have bought in a Multi-Level-Marketing company, and you have money for yourself or your family. Sometimes, that’s not always the case.

In BEYOND THE VEIL, Author Ian Schrauth lists 65 side hustles you can do besides contributing to a scummy Multi-Level-Marketing Company. These side hustles can be done on your own time, you can be your “own boss” over, make as much (or little) as you want, and won’t have an upline making money off everything you do in the company.

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