Short Stories


From Bestselling Author Ian Schrauth comes ENCOUNTER, a short story about how Tammy Louis and Nick Vancouver met.

The Daydream

From Bestselling Author, Ian Schtrauth comes THE DAYDREAM, a short story about Tammy Louis and her hate for her Advanced Acting class. This short story is a daydream tammy Louis from The Vacillation Saga has about the one class she hates.

Drag me down

From Bestselling Author Ian Schrauth comes “Drag me down”, a short story about Gary and how his father left.

The Shampoo Doxing

From Bestselling Author Ian Schrauth comes, THE SMAPOO DOXING, a short story based on a true experience between Ali, and Monat Sales representatives.

A Vacillating Christmas

Christmas is never the same when the ones you love are missing. As Tammy and her mother are adjusting to a divorce, they spend Christmas at Justin’s house.
Will this Christmas be different?

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