New Kindle Vella Stories from me

Hello everyone!

I wanted to not only try out the (kind-of) new Kindle Vella feature but also share a story with everyone.

I’ve had the idea for this story since I was 17. It involves a Creative Writing High School Student, a gay relationship with some spicy hookups, and The Slender Man.

I’m not going to say TOO much about the story…

The first episode is currently on Kindle Vella as we speak. Episodes will be released every Wednesday, and I currently have 6 (5 are approved as of writing this) planned to be released every Wednesday until May 25th.

Also, I want to make this kind of a “fan-driven” series. So at the end of some of the episodes, I give you (the reader) a choice on where you want pieces of the story to go. I have an ultimate plan for the story, but there are some things I want my fans to control about it. You’ll get what I mean when you read the questions at the end of each episode.

You can read episode 1 HERE!


Ian Schrauth

Published by Bestselling Author Ian Schrauth

Ian Schrauth is the bestselling author of "The American Way" and the young author of many other books. He lives with his mother in St. Louis, MO where he enjoys talking to his friends on Facebook, going to the library, blogging, and working as a Software/Web Developer. He was born on 3/19/1997.

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