Book Reviews: Misadventures With a Master by Meredith Wild and Mia Michelle

So last night, i read a 90 page novella by Meredith Wild and Mia Michelle from Waterhouse Press’ Misadventures series.

I had the time to read this while working my side hustle at LiveOps, and i finished it shortly after my shift ended.

I read this book BEFORE I read the character’s other book, Misadventures of the first daughter. for 92 pages, this book is filled with a lot of steamy romance.

The best way I can describe this book is “short, sweet, and a wonderful treat”.

For some reason, the male in this book reminds me a little of Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey. Mainly because Dimitri demands control. Not to the abusive extent as in FSOG, in my opinion.

I will definitely be picking up Misadventures of the first daughter to read more about these characters.

Published by Bestselling Author Ian Schrauth

Ian Schrauth is the bestselling author of "The American Way" and the young author of many other books. He lives with his mother in St. Louis, MO where he enjoys talking to his friends on Facebook, going to the library, blogging, and working as a Software/Web Developer. He was born on 3/19/1997.

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