Book review: Ava by Hannah Hoffmeister

During 2021, I have reread SO many of the books i read while in Middle School, High School, and my early years in College. Some of these were Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, NYPD Red and Cross Kill by James Patterson, The Arrangement series by H. M. Ward (Stopped at book 8 because life got in the way), S.E.C.R.E.T by L. Marie Adeline, and The Dream Ring Series by Hannah Hoffmeister.

I will be talking about Ava: Book one in the Dream Ring Series by Hannah Hoffmsiter.

Now, I knew Hannah when we were in High school. We weren’t good friends, but we knew each other and talked to each other. In fact, she inspired me to finish my very book and publish it at the age of 17. That series was called the Tumpsuv Genimis series.

Although the Dream Ring Series from Hannah And the Tumpsuv Genimis series by myself are unpublished as of Nov. 2021, i wanted ot go back and read the books.

The first book is about a thirteen year old girl that discovers she is a witch on her birthday by her mother, and is required dot not only go to the planet Neptune to learn magic, but fight off the Evil sorcerer named Widdidorm.

Don’t worry. I’m 24 years old now, and I STILL don’t know how to pronounce that name.

Now, before I get into the review, please note. I am NOT bashing her, making fun of her, or causing ANY intentional disrespect or harm.

The first book is like a first-perosn, genderbent knock off of Harry Potter.

Like i said before, it starts off with Ava waking up on her 13th birthday excited. Her and her mother go on a shopping trip, and after that, it’s revealed she’s a witch.

Now, if I was told I was a wizard on my 13th birthday and told I have to ride on brooms to Neptune and learn magic that goes against my religious beliefs, I would probably have the same reaction Ava did. Fear. And that is expressed in the book.

I wouldn’t bet on my best friend to be in the same boat as I was in. But Ava’s best friend IS in the same boat.

The thing that hits me the most is AFTER they get to Neptune. That is when things start to look VERY similar to Harry Potter.

I mean, when I wrote my now-unpublished version of The Dream Ring series, I intentionally AVOIDED reading the Harry Potter series so i wouldn’t have this issue.

But hey, the book was 269 pages long. If you wan to read a genderbent, shorter version of the first book of Harry Potter, this would be for you.

When i first read it as a sophomore in High school, I gave it a 5/5 stars. Re-reading it years later, i would give it a 2/5 stars.

Published by Bestselling Author Ian Schrauth

Ian Schrauth is the bestselling author of "The American Way" and the young author of many other books. He lives with his mother in St. Louis, MO where he enjoys talking to his friends on Facebook, going to the library, blogging, and working as a Software/Web Developer. He was born on 3/19/1997.

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