Targeted Drama in the antiMLM Community

So if you’re a fan of iamccsuraez, Isabella Lanter, or Savannah Marie, or almost any AntiMLM creator on YouTube, you might know that there has been someone named Brianna has been threatening and harassing creators in the community.

And I am one of them.

This individual posted a video aimed at Isabella lanter. But not even halfway in, the gears switched from Isabella to me.

Here are a few things that have been said by this individual in the past, leading up to this video.

As you can see, she’s not a respectful person. It may seem like she’s a cyber bully looking for attetion. While that’s part of the case, it’s not the WHOLE case.

What she is doing is trying to tear others down to build up a fan base for a weed MLM she is starting. I don’t know how cyber bullying and trolling will positively impact your brans, but whatever…

I do not recommends watching her video, as doing so promotes the video more. Since this individual is looking for attention, this will achieve her reason for slandering The community and I.

I have a screen recording of the video, and I will be going over it again to add what she claims vs what is true.

It’s also worth saying that she has NO evidence to what she says. In fact, she not only CHERRY PICKS what I say in a YouTube video to fit her narrative, but is also deleting comments that defend me.

there were two comments left on the video last night. One was like “I don’t know who Ian is, but if your gonna bash someone, at least have the sources to back it up.” and “This just sounds like you’re bullying.”

Both of them went missing this morning.

But yeah, i would NOT recommend searching who this girl is and looking at her video, because it was all say and no show. Meaning she talked but didn’t have evidence.

Published by Bestselling Author Ian Schrauth

Ian Schrauth is the bestselling author of "The American Way" and the young author of many other books. He lives with his mother in St. Louis, MO where he enjoys talking to his friends on Facebook, going to the library, blogging, and working as a Software/Web Developer. He was born on 3/19/1997.

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